What are ceiling tiles made from?

Most ceiling tiles are made from a mineral fibre made from wool and clay. Metal tiles are also available.

What sizes of suspended ceiling grid are available?

Suspended ceiling visible grid comes in a standard width of 24mm which suits ceiling tiles with a square edge or tegular edge detail. Alternatively a Microlook grid is thinner at 15mm wide and will require Microlook edge ceiling tiles.

Which suspended ceiling tiles offer the best acoustics qualities?

Some ceiling tiles available have superior acoustics properties if soundproofing is a concern. These include: Armstrong Perla, Armstrong Ultima + and Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic. See the specification tab on each ceiling tile page to find the sound absorption and sound attenuation levels.

What type of edge details are available on suspended ceiling tiles?

Suspended ceiling tiles have three possible edge details which determine how the tile sits in the grid. Square edge tiles - face of the tile sits flush within the grid. Tegular edge tiles - face of the tile drops down below the grid in a 24mm wide standard grid system. Microlook tile - face of the tile drops down below the grid in a 15mm wide Microlook grid system.

What does the top-fix drop mean when installing a suspended ceiling?

The top-fix drop is a measurement of the distance between the building roof or fixing point to the building and the height the suspended ceiling is being installed at.